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Great player with solid strategy :-D
CrackR on Monday August 1, 2011
Stupid cheater PGA with Jonas454
samu15 on Friday June 17, 2011
Great player. Keep it oup!
Emaldo on Friday June 17, 2011
A condescending, patronizing son of a bitch.
Silentgun on Friday March 4, 2011
PGA dont respect flag
-R30- on Friday February 25, 2011
Bammbi backstabbed. Everyone else on the table fought the backstabber. Only Conquista took advantage of the situation, using Bammbi as a shield to sneak himself to position 1. Unfair - did not respond to rational argument.
rimini on Thursday February 24, 2011
pga with C.O. Jack
loulou350 on Friday February 18, 2011
fair player and a nice guy
Jund on Monday February 14, 2011
Fair and nice guy
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm on Friday February 11, 2011
no honour, 2v1'ed me just because I was stronger than him and some other dickhead decided he didnt like me either
Daedalus724 on Tuesday January 11, 2011
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