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Good player.
Rowen on Thursday May 6, 2010
bastard do not respect flags
pofkelis on Tuesday April 20, 2010
Honourable player. Flagged to me and honoured it even though he had more lands than me.
Cutting Machine on Thursday November 12, 2009
plays with honor, does not put up with the bullshit gang rape mentality of a lot of players on here.
I Pitty The Fool on Wednesday November 11, 2009
fair player
nadowns on Wednesday November 11, 2009
very very fair player.
Cool or Not on Sunday November 8, 2009
This game doesn't mean enough to me to cheat so if I've got lucky against you or honoured a flag to your disadvantage please feel free to have a cold beer and a 5 minute breather before you write your flame review :)
ArdillaRoja1 on Tuesday November 3, 2009
Solid player. Vflag, and keeps his word. Kind of unusual as of lately. Good man that ArdillaRojo1. A pleasure to play with:)
bucky123 on Sunday November 1, 2009
Bit of a cunt.
six-spot-six on Saturday October 24, 2009
Attacked me even tho I flagged. Pattern here.
Way on Saturday October 24, 2009
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