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pga with arnekavaj
Lolive on Friday January 21, 2011
meh. he beat me. can't comment on the rest.
stripmind on Wednesday January 19, 2011
backstabber, doesn't respect the flags he accepted before
waldov on Wednesday September 29, 2010
pga with arnekavaj and glenn2
bluff or not? on Wednesday September 29, 2010
PGA with arnekavaj
KAGEEE on Wednesday September 29, 2010
poor and bad player. doesnt respect flags. one of those "oh, sorry didnt see your flag" noobs. this poor gay doesnt respect a flag but crys for respect. learn to play this game or leave it, poor asshole.
Rasenheizung on Tuesday September 28, 2010
Very ignorant person, dont believe him
Tadas Gindulis on Tuesday September 28, 2010
pga with arnekavaj
buhz on Monday September 13, 2010
pga with pisoir and deleteme
pumba_a on Thursday September 24, 2009
backstabber next time ill see u i will not accept any flag from u just drop dead..
Lurxz on Tuesday September 22, 2009
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