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he stuck around to give me kill. much honor in this guy!
JUSTcallmePRE on Monday July 28, 2014
yes, he is still a honorable player in 2014 :P
icanofer on Tuesday February 4, 2014
Seems like a sound bloke XD
Distorted on Wednesday April 17, 2013
honorable.. took a 4th instead of jammin someone for third when he had every opportunity and right to do so. also, fun to play with.
!i!i!i!i!i! on Tuesday April 16, 2013
His record precedes him, he's a fair player who honors his flags.
Hallow Nite on Tuesday January 25, 2011
Played with a few weeks ago and left a good review and feel the same way about ... hope to play with again some time good fair player that makes this game fun for all.
ODIE79 on Saturday November 27, 2010
A fair, honorable player. Thank you!
guromer on Wednesday October 13, 2010
fair player.
peaceful on Thursday September 16, 2010
Very honorable player. Defended everyone when the leader wasn't respecting flags, mainly mine!
CylonLvr on Monday August 30, 2010
I know nothing about this player, but I enjoy leaving reviews. Puppies and cupcakes are nice, too.
Bugaboo-X on Friday August 6, 2010
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