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as much as I like that scene, that's not an appropriate avatar for Kdice -avatar jurgen 2:22 AM, Friday April 8, 2011 EDT
OK, please exercise restraint. +changeAvatar Bone-Roller 11:35 AM, Thursday December 2, 2010 EST
if at first you don't succeed.... -avatar Bone-Roller 9:28 PM, Saturday November 20, 2010 EST
sorry, but unacceptable -changeAvatar Bone-Roller 9:26 PM, Saturday November 20, 2010 EST

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Not a fair player. Leave the counter he was and flag the opponent... Just a coward...
Mandoulis on Friday September 23, 2011
he will flag you then take all the dom and attack you if you try to take the dom back
b1125 on Friday September 23, 2011
Oh I'm a dick. You flagged me early and then killed me and tried to explain something about not beeing able to flag! Well you surely knew how to kill me and not sit out...
EsaNahka on Thursday August 25, 2011
He can't be trusted. Surely a kid.
Myst Moorth on Thursday August 18, 2011
total cheat.. can back stab you anytime. i gave him a lecture, hope he changes his ways.
jorkki on Sunday August 14, 2011
STABBER -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
saria on Sunday August 14, 2011
this guy is a amean mean person he uses bad lang and calls girls bad names
@min on Friday August 12, 2011
"I am not playing to win, just to screw you up." a screw driver..lol...watch out n never trust ;-)
Warok4me on Monday May 30, 2011
Backstabbed his partner. Nice.
chipati on Monday April 4, 2011
This guy is very obscene. He spams and has nudity in his avatar. He is constantly using bad language.
Aaron Pieters on Friday April 1, 2011
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