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I flag to him but still attack me even he has 2nd. Worse player u could play with.
Laura_ xD on Sunday September 25, 2016
PGA - don't accept flags
AlbanBanal on Sunday September 11, 2016
bad player dont respect flag and faremr! e upamti me jebat cu ti majku na moj nacin!
bivo on Sunday July 7, 2013
Alternate account of a real asshole.
moondust on Saturday June 30, 2012
This player is an alternative profile of TimeToSayGoodBye. No respect to other players, keeps stalking me for a while, because I warned other players of his backstabbing. So please be aware of that very bad backstabber.
Kudowski on Monday June 18, 2012
PGA with boon26
Madzippo on Friday June 15, 2012
MULDERXX on Tuesday June 5, 2012
dont trust him he is liar he said flag after unflag
beyazguvercinus on Monday June 4, 2012
sucks so bad he pga's 0 tables
Gonna4v4U on Monday June 4, 2012
unfair player, you flag him and he eats your lands so you can't fight anyone
sebaj on Monday June 4, 2012
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