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dont respect his flags because he lies that he flags to you than he will backstab you when you dont aspect. kill him at once!
székely on Tuesday November 17, 2009
What a cocksucker. Vflags then attacks when i am still fighting for a position. Kill this whining dick wad if you ever see him.
TruceAintPGA on Sunday November 15, 2009
Ph- on Saturday November 14, 2009
stupid farming move at the end... killed the one flagged 2nd and gave 2nd to a total jerk who deserved 6th Some of the worst playing ive ever seen Kill him instantly
SParker on Friday November 13, 2009
Flagged player is a player that show real flag no v flag.
Adrianek on Friday November 13, 2009
fucking whore
Grisu on Thursday November 12, 2009
?? who the hell are you and why did you neave a negative comment?
TommyGunn32 on Wednesday November 11, 2009
Thanks for your very creative review. Too bad there are such small minded people like you on this site. Noob.
FackFuce on Monday November 9, 2009
backstabber kýll hým fýrts býtch mother fucker býtch fuck u
sertach on Saturday November 7, 2009
Flags, and then attacks. Piece of shit.
dan_man555 on Wednesday November 4, 2009
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