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very honorable player nice to play with him
NIke 3 on Saturday April 16, 2011
Az_Balu on Saturday April 9, 2011
he's really a fire player.
ottoman emp?re on Sunday November 14, 2010
two players had allied against him. he promised one of those 1st place, to which that player agreed (wasnt me!), then proceeded to kill the other now lonely ally (that was me). then, when only the two of them were left, he didnt honor his promise but instead fought the other guy whom he had flagged, and took #1.
scaramanga on Monday November 1, 2010
If you add up the sum of all the IQ's of every Lithuanian that plays this game then it wouldn't amount 3 figures
uber_meister on Thursday October 21, 2010
Noob idiot. Supreme cretinism. Probably a miscarriage of a baboon, that has undergone rape and chemical experiments.
NikkeKnatterton on Monday October 18, 2010
After losing a 1/3 fight he backstabbed the guy that he promised 2nd place for sitting. Really not fair.
Known2Own on Sunday October 17, 2010
Betrayed his flag to me and killed me. Kill on site.
Lord Death on Saturday October 16, 2010
Daliuss is an asshole. I flagged and fought 2/3, when he started farming my lands. Next time i will kill him first. STUPID KID
22 april on Friday October 15, 2010
such a bitch i flagged and he farms watch out
chrishutch on Friday October 15, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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