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Luck of the Irish ;)
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RolandSmoke on Saturday October 15, 2011
Just to make this clear I wasnt in the tourny to help him I just told him what to do so...No not pga :P
matt19 on Saturday October 8, 2011
thanks for the help in the tourney got 1st :D the luck of the irish held out
mo chara on Friday September 30, 2011
my name is also matt so i thought i might not like this guy but since he's matt19 i guess i can still be matt1. good job matt19.
PuGdAwG on Saturday September 17, 2011
DO NOT TRUST HIM. do not flag to him, do not respect his flag. BACKSTABBER, NOOB and dirty player. PGA with dirtyrolls+matt19
blcu on Wednesday August 24, 2011
Sadly, a bit of a twat.
Jitterbug on Sunday August 21, 2011
PGA with LordA
edifier on Saturday October 30, 2010
he must be 19. poor kiddie and crybaby, learn to lose like a man because you lose a lot. bad player. no plan of tactics...
Pustekuchen on Monday October 4, 2010
also into 2v1
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Friday September 17, 2010
fair good player
NO_VFS on Monday September 13, 2010
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