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awesome player!!!
Axl Rose Sucks on Friday December 21, 2012
diemichi on Wednesday December 19, 2012
Fair player
Mountainman on Monday June 13, 2011
friendly, fair and honorable. a very good player!
Impartial on Saturday May 21, 2011
very honorable player.
Athena_XII on Tuesday May 3, 2011
Idiot. Kill first. Ruined my first for fun.
Ender_wiggin on Monday May 2, 2011
Gave me his word to flag and sat out when he should have, although he was a lot stronger than me at the end. Nice guy.
OneJoelFifty on Monday May 2, 2011
stupid pga idiot
ludovik27 on Saturday April 23, 2011
Matrino is an idiot and his review is tainted with a lack of sound understanding of the game. Mint Royale is a good, honorable player and should be noted as such.
boilerjon on Monday April 11, 2011
dont trust this loser, flagged and still attacking what a retard
Matrino on Monday April 11, 2011
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