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Respected flag and helped when needed. Good guy from my perspective.
HockeyButt on Sunday June 19, 2011
jebem te u shupak :P
bivo on Monday June 6, 2011
This guy is such a poor loser. He went nuts when I beat him fair and square. It wasn't difficult - he is a lousy player.
jjc65 on Tuesday March 15, 2011
Pussy sore loser.
MISSION 6 on Saturday March 12, 2011
rude whiner.
Peltsi on Monday March 7, 2011
old: he is shame for the country he comes from, really. That unfairness and this lack of respect is unbeaten in this game. new: and he can't speak english, so he has to post some stupid german words to my profile. BUT, I really love these kind of players. They're giving fun to this game.
haxbox on Friday October 29, 2010
fucking pussy. Don't respect flags.
Ivailo Milchev on Saturday July 17, 2010
this guy insulted me because i killed him (of course, he didn't flag to me or anything) O_O i wrote this review and he insulted me in a review... anger management issues? a kid?
bortx on Wednesday March 31, 2010
Don't respect flags and then whines cause people retaliates.
bjosarn on Thursday March 18, 2010
i love you with all my heart <3
leeeroy jenkins on Monday March 15, 2010
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