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the bloodiest asshole of a player i ever met. flagged him. helped him to become first. he waisted it and killed me instead. never trust!
Leontes on Thursday September 24, 2009
Did not respect my flag. But don't hate him, pity him. He clearly has no friends and probably lives with his mum and a shit load of cats
4sight on Sunday September 20, 2009
honorable player. v-flagged to me, COULD've fucked me up for a higher place, but didn't :] great guy
Das_Pithlit on Tuesday September 15, 2009
doesn t respect flags.
>Username< on Sunday August 23, 2009
dextra: flag teal Known2Own: damn, accidently pressed it dextra: asshole iflagged long time ago Rambynas: srr haven't see Rambynas: browen / red roll off dextra: but this time u know it Marys: roll off Marys: red and blue Marys: red and brown dextra: 25 dextra: 29 Marys: teal?? dextra: he i did what u ssaid Rambynas: blue? dextra: he i rolled and won dextra: pga
dextra on Thursday August 20, 2009
pga with blue50
FearMeMortals on Saturday July 18, 2009
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