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hey you
James Howlett on Sunday October 23, 2011
dumbass player doesn't know how to read a map making stupid accusations
degen on Saturday August 27, 2011
PGA with salimaso. And rude language.
Wilky on Sunday August 14, 2011
PGA and homophobic language.
CammellRoeg on Sunday August 14, 2011
PGA: jsonproxy + unknownfrog. unknownfrog is an angry homophobe who cries like a little bitch.
justrotten on Monday July 25, 2011
Backstabs after flagging. Moans and cries when he loses. PGA: unknownfrog + Lippa Cippa! PGA: jsonproxy + unknownfrog. RACIST.
Lippa Cippa on Monday July 25, 2011
When you think, when I flag to you (Lippa Cippa)and you attack me, and I then complain about this (even without attacking you) then it was a BS. What happend was, that I flagged to you and you attacked me afterwards, cause there was no physical flag. (which I could not give at that moment). For me you are the backstabber !!!!
unknownfrog on Monday July 25, 2011
Moans when he goes out; atks with full force messing your game up then moans when you do not accept his flag due to his complete lack of understanding of the flagging system!! or with complete stupidity would assume i would accept a flag after he atked and failed!
filoviridae on Monday June 27, 2011
PGA with jsonproxy
TheBetterYodel on Sunday May 8, 2011
Unknown frog you had a 3 stack and a 2 stack. You were last dude. You just weren't able to suck it up, accept that fact, flag out and go to another game. Besides, I wasn't in any place to accept a flag and had to take you out before I, myself, got killed first. Just because you type the words "I flag" does not guarantee safety nor that someone will accept it. It's up to the persons discretion.
Multitudinous on Thursday March 17, 2011
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