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Rooftop Like I'm Bringin 88 Back
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Recognized on 8:12 PM, Wednesday February 8, 2017 EST by integral
great username and avatar combo. Thanks for being such a longtime member of this site!

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"8 8: its going to be a wild ride the next 4 years in terms of policy changes for the US. But you guys have enouhg shit on your table with the EU over there haha" Or so your FAKE NEWS would have you believe! Nah bud dw about EU, we chilling, been good/alright for a few millenia now, we will get through. Unless some fucking orange lunatic decides to unleash nukes on a whim over some mean tweet response that is....
DonnieScribbles on Thursday February 9, 2017
Plays very fair game - let others fight 3/4 in tourney - NO forced roll.
Grux on Sunday December 6, 2015
good player, cool and composed, pleasure to play with
zsyd1230 on Saturday December 5, 2015
" 8 8: im bored and this is a 100 table ...means nothing " This stinky individual reason why to backstab as a 2nd player. All that just for 150 points. Kill at sight
Mdzll on Tuesday November 11, 2014
idiot dont respect flag and moron!
bivo on Tuesday November 4, 2014
nice guy
prymus on Monday March 10, 2014
just use your brain when you are playing, esp when you clearly got 1st....and if you are not sure about others plans - then ask! there's nothing wrong in asking, but killing someone who still has a chance to fight is pretty shitty...
Mrs. M on Saturday March 8, 2014
Huge Nigger. Don't trust backstabber.
Ayoooo on Wednesday February 19, 2014
asshole & pga
Warcoulou on Wednesday February 19, 2014
a fucking asshole, no respect at all..
NoName8801 on Thursday January 30, 2014
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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