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This player has been modded by the community

Removing suspension of play/chat/post. Continuing the actions you exhibited will result in a 30 day ban. +chat +play +post Pursey 1:46 AM, Monday June 15, 2015 EDT
ovbogaert had mild banter with me following a game. This is a non-issue. Continuing that into subsequent games past the point where I asked you to stop several times over a moderate time period, told you I was now considering it harassment, leaving my desk for 5 minutes and returning and you STILL continuing, while other players also told you it was time to stop... is way beyond a joke. You are free to disagree with my play style and I'm happy to deal with criticising my ability to moderate based on my play style, and I don't mind the banter. But multiple games, and multiple warnings, you then went ahead and spammed the chat box to egg me on in banning you. You leave me with no option but to take some form of action because mocking me for not taking action kind of ensures I have to. Claiming to know Jurgen also doesn't excuse your behaviour. If you wish to discuss this further you can email [email protected] - in the absence of any further discussion this can remain in place for a few days. -chat -play -post Pursey 7:36 AM, Saturday June 13, 2015 EDT

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disregards flags in tourney..thinks he's funny...just C*NT
@sullivanmt on Monday June 4, 2018
lol^^^^ on Friday February 10, 2017
mods need to ban this guy -- stabbed two people in tourney. Then proceed to collude to auto-end turn with others for 10 minutes.
microwavedh2o on Thursday April 28, 2016
ovbogaert on Sunday October 11, 2015
kolaps on Monday September 14, 2015
don't bother trying to reason with this kid, he will stab you if you hurt his feelings tho so make sure you tickle his asshole a bit
Roguerunner on Saturday June 13, 2015
Whines and complains about flags, but then does exactly what he complains about. What a hypocrite.
arkenkor on Monday May 18, 2015
mix up!..sorry...
gontis on Monday May 11, 2015
Dont respect players!
kaiosezzar on Wednesday April 29, 2015
honest player, gives kill
c5a on Wednesday April 29, 2015
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