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pga with Dex dexter
coke face on Tuesday May 24, 2011
IQ less 5! Backstabber
Emirates on Monday May 2, 2011
yeah me 2, out of nothing she or he or it gunned for me!!!
siccannibal1 on Friday April 8, 2011
yeah me 2, out of nothing she gunned for me!!!
gr3k on Tuesday March 8, 2011
This bitch backstabbed me !
VanDahls on Tuesday March 8, 2011
Really irritating player.. the kind that will weaken you out of spite.. kept attacking my big stacks and getting lucky and suiciding through me.. due to her only 3rd was possible stupid shit-at-kdice bitch
Jim Donnellan on Sunday February 13, 2011
do not trust this douchebagess, she will attack a lower flag out of spite. and u got owned bitch.
JAwesome on Tuesday January 11, 2011
i agree with comment below. A real cheat.
jjc65 on Monday January 10, 2011
douche bag
Peter_Wiggin on Monday January 10, 2011
Just a pretty face.
Myriad on Thursday September 9, 2010
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