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Let's see. Doesn't play fair, is downright childish, and PGA.
deciD on Saturday September 5, 2009
Well it was nice to play with you for the first time ever and get classified as PGA! :)
Savvy99567 on Saturday September 5, 2009
PGA with Savvy99567
Hollowman5000 on Saturday September 5, 2009
nice flag hahaha, pge
kaneda_z on Thursday September 3, 2009
greatest guy eva nice and never eva pga's
Jimbo Slice 2 on Friday August 7, 2009
kstateBrian on Saturday July 25, 2009
carter2000 and itom are pga no fun little player
ghj luigi on Thursday July 23, 2009
another douchebag
Jslap! on Thursday July 16, 2009
a real pussy that really dosent understand the game, his puny brain is so tiny it could be used as a golf ball, calls other ppl pga's when he himself is one, y dont u go wipe ur black ass off maybe ull get something out of it pussy noob
jet2k5 on Wednesday July 15, 2009
poor player and poor person
RHAKI LE TIGRE on Tuesday July 14, 2009
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