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just a belgian living in hanoi
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yesterday he flags to me. After he attacks me. Lame . little player
ghj luigi on Thursday December 29, 2011
Seemed a really fair player
the-ferret on Sunday December 25, 2011
@ Ender_wiggin, can't handle a different opinion? imo it's more fair to fight 2/4 1 on 1 than to demand for a 2v1 with a flagged player. the other guy then flagged out 4 instead of 3 after you lost the fair 1v1 fight for 2nd...
FilipL on Saturday December 24, 2011
Doesn't understand the rules of flagging. Do not flag to him, he will betray you.
Ender_wiggin on Saturday December 24, 2011
FilipL: YOU FUCKING BACKSTABBING CUNT FilipL: STUPID GREEN FUCK FilipL: stupid backstabber FilipL: idiot FilipL: FUCKING GREEN BACKSTABBER ME LAST GAME FilipL: I M KNOWN FOR FAIR PLAY FilipL: and she does that FilipL: what a bitch FilipL: really, i was playing a dick before u that screwed me FilipL: i still keep playing fair FilipL: bc i assume it s better to do so FilipL: than i win fair
t1n on Thursday December 22, 2011
Cluny on Thursday December 15, 2011
Even he's got level 59, he atacked my flag and stabbed me in my back, while i was fighting for 3rd. Be aware.
Kudowski on Monday November 14, 2011
2011-11-05 FilipL is blue, BlkBoostedV6 is red, I am green. Chat is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ FilipL: i win! ---------- [Note: FilipL was in 2nd behind BlkBoostedV6. FilipL made a move that still left him in 2nd but in better position with a real shot at winning.] ---------- 3.14159: you lose! [Note: Said I after red immediately cut FilipL to lessen the threat.] ---------- FilipL: i m fine ---------- BlkBoostedV6: truce green and kill blue? ---------- FilipL: i flag green [Note: FilipL flags to me even though I am in a poor 3rd position. As it turned out, red left me for dead the next turn so I was of no consequence after that.] ---------- 3.14159: i don't truce on the 0 tables ---------- 3.14159: you guys save that for the higher tables--the ones i avoid ---------- FilipL: the ones red never ll get to [Note: FilipL saying red would never play on the higher tables.] ---------- FilipL: what a noobish idea ---------- 3.14159: noobish? really? didn't that go out of fashion about 5 years ago? ---------- 3.14159: "noob" as an epithet? wow ---------- [Note: Red, not FilipL, ended up winning the game.]
3.14159 on Saturday November 5, 2011
fletch85 on Sunday September 18, 2011
he doesn't respect the flags. he likes the truce.
longray on Sunday August 21, 2011
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