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This player has been modded by the community

Letting the ban go a week early. Player has Promised to follow the rules and discontinue any pre-game alliances. +chat +play +post holyharlequin 8:15 PM, Monday March 15, 2010 EDT
Obvious pre-game alliance with trendz during the Monday 500. You will both be banned for a month. -chat -play -post holyharlequin 7:43 PM, Monday February 22, 2010 EST

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backstabber. kill asap
marcb on Thursday July 18, 2013
Plays with honour
Chargersfan420 on Wednesday July 17, 2013
Don't believe him if he accepts flag. yougruesomehare: sorry brown Mike_Mike: yellow? yougruesomehare: just wanted kill
XOPOCAH on Tuesday July 2, 2013
pga with TheTrucingOne
ramce on Thursday June 27, 2013
Crazy rabbit.. but funny :)
siccannibal1 on Wednesday June 19, 2013
Fair player while I played with him.
michl on Monday June 17, 2013
PGA With betilpower during tuesday250 tourney, witnessed by @valleyhood, wouldnt accept a flag from me when it was a fair fight between me and betilpower, claimed it to be in game truce with no warning from chatbox, obvious outside connections
Lord Titus on Tuesday June 11, 2013
Strange, a bit autistic person, difficult to have a contact with!
GiustinianoIII on Tuesday June 11, 2013
mindless idiot
SigaaBigee on Tuesday June 4, 2013
serious asshat. will accept a flag and then hit you anyway under some pretext or another
Flynt on Tuesday August 28, 2012
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