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restored +chat jurgen 8:43 AM, Saturday May 7, 2011 EDT
1st warning not to use the n word or any other racist language -chat jurgen 6:28 AM, Thursday May 5, 2011 EDT

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tourny stab.
Gonna4v4U on Thursday August 20, 2015
dont like playing with him, doesnt make the game fun, doesnt even give anybody a chance to play
Lalita Lani on Monday June 29, 2015
What an idiot... accept flag and then cynically farms you... just like that... never flag this rusky
arabu79 on Sunday June 14, 2015
asshole motherfucker pga dont trust him...always a loser..is the worst player i´ve ever seen
purasalud on Monday December 17, 2012
really nice player, knows the game well!
Deanna Troi on Monday December 17, 2012
bad loser too
mrrelax on Tuesday May 29, 2012
total idiot
Cassablanca on Monday April 16, 2012
PGA!! Do not trust!!
flix_essex on Sunday April 15, 2012
fuck you sistr and beybi idiot bad player im rember you create new acc asholle!!
frick1 on Tuesday March 27, 2012
fucking idiot
Molduz on Friday December 16, 2011
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