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This player has been modded by the community

reinstated +chat +play +post gnice37 6:46 PM, Friday July 17, 2020 EDT
this is mattz1, the one messing up kdice tournaments...do not reinstate -chat -play -post -re-register gnice37 11:55 PM, Sunday March 8, 2020 EDT
giving back this acct....ANY violation of ANY rules.or any foul or harrassing language, and the acct will be banned permanently.... +changeAvatar +chat +play +post +re-register KC 97 1:37 PM, Thursday September 1, 2016 EDT
harassing players and a mod -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register lynnmay 8:59 PM, Wednesday November 23, 2011 EST
Requested unban after 7 months. Claimed he wasn't familiar with the rules when banned. Approved by Ryan. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post -avatar PM325 2:31 PM, Thursday June 24, 2010 EDT
Shared account -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 2:52 PM, Friday November 6, 2009 EST

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Killed me in tournament for no reason, depsite that he had all flags
Irash on Thursday May 23, 2019
is backstabbing me right now. should be banned!
benzabenza on Saturday February 5, 2011
Should be banned back, Didn't learnt his lesson, PGA in tourny's, Thinks backstabbing is normal... Faggot
TimeToSayGoodBye on Monday January 3, 2011
Reminder: Do not accept flag. backstabber
Bollerus on Sunday January 2, 2011
Epic retard. Disrespecing flags.
Gam0rF4ce on Sunday January 2, 2011
atta be mattz a 7 month ban ;D
demos70 on Wednesday September 8, 2010
PGA with cojetuija
iBreed on Friday August 20, 2010
vflagged 2nd. i asked him to sit out. he told me he wanted to "have fun and fight". then he killed me. he is so desperate for points that he lies and betrays. really really lame. made me feel bad.
jorkki on Sunday August 15, 2010
Wonder who is the retard? But gl 2 ya ....
magliarosa on Sunday August 15, 2010
MOD him forever!
joshark on Sunday August 15, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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