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i love a good truce/counter
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ok usual mix of good and bad reviews I guess, never met soto before except in one game where I truced him (to counter anearly flag) sorry viper, no hacking just stupidly good luck that game (and i mean stupidly good..I got something like 11 out of 12 8v8's to win from 2 lands against 8 it was AWESOME!)no wonder you were pissed tho ;-)
dc2 on Tuesday January 3, 2012
play pga all day for sotos
_Matrix_x3_ on Tuesday January 3, 2012
fair player, we had a fight fo 3rd place and 1st attacked me to finish the game faster, he helped me to destroy the 1st instead
tranzendent on Wednesday November 23, 2011
fucking hacker, fu cocksucker
Viper84 on Saturday August 6, 2011
Stupid cheater PGA with psykopat
samu15 on Monday June 20, 2011
Complete asshole, with just one island he screwed my game cause i beat him before. Stupid.
Bazofio on Thursday June 16, 2011
Bravo fighter
zrx on Friday June 10, 2011
those are the things that create pge: "dc2: u just got the frustration from my last coupla games im afraid"
OviloN on Tuesday May 24, 2011
Crybaby noob. Thinks everyone is PGA whenever he loses. Unpleasant, vulgar and angry. Needs a chat time-out to work out his anger/emotions. Recommend banning for racist comments in chat. Confirmed PGA: dc2 + Loser_krez + qazqaz. Rat bastards, every single one of them.
slougatr on Monday August 23, 2010
honorable and fair player, fun to play with
Loser_krez on Friday August 13, 2010
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