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Badblood on Friday September 20, 2013
he is backstabber. !
Zuberbuhler on Tuesday February 21, 2012
fucking asshole i flagged him but he kill me after it... asshole backstabber never trust thuis asshole,
Matyi Somogyi on Sunday December 18, 2011
What happened to the Victor taking the spoils? Get over yourselfs and quit posting in rage kids...
SparHawk on Saturday July 30, 2011
no respect for flags and a backstabber. do not trust this piece of shit.
gen. sherman on Wednesday July 27, 2011
TheAsian on Tuesday July 26, 2011
small dick, and frustrated kid
MacCoy on Monday July 25, 2011
fuck you sitr ashole idiot nad asholle pga wit gurgi,you ashole delte acc add to may bad list.!!
bivo on Tuesday June 7, 2011
massive PGA: SparHawk + jokerswild91. not respecting flags which he respected over several round to help his mates.
OviloN on Wednesday February 17, 2010
i used to think he was good and fair, but in our last tourney he suicided into me to save integration. he gets mad because i use the dice and the chatbox to play the game, instead of just giving favors to my friends. i prefer early flags and truces over just always helping my friend!
leekstep on Saturday February 13, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
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