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very weird person, first flags and then attacks right after that ???!!?
simeun on Tuesday August 3, 2010
should be called battleDOPE. he has secret alliance/pga and is dirty player. do not trust.
BlingKrosby on Saturday July 24, 2010
an alliance bitch
prouty on Thursday July 22, 2010
warning! shows no respect to fellow players. and he truces
Servantes135 on Tuesday June 23, 2009
When you are first and people ally with you. They get 2nd and 3rd.
Battlepope on Sunday June 21, 2009
I've ever seen the biggest mother fucker, thinks that he can decide who will be second, third,etc.. idiot
sahandayumurta on Sunday June 21, 2009
Does not respect flags... Farmer.
smokei on Thursday June 18, 2009
If he doesnt let those who flag to him fight for the lower places:
gudmus78 on Tuesday June 9, 2009
Battlepop is a douchebag, do not respect his flag, he will not respect yours.
TylerD on Saturday June 6, 2009
2v1 trucer, watch out.
bhwrice on Saturday May 30, 2009
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