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fair player. waited till my fight was over before attacking me, so i had not to fight 2v1..
gegenlaktose on Friday May 31, 2013
Honorable and trustworthy player
superunknown on Friday September 21, 2012
Has Asperger's.
Socialism on Friday September 7, 2012
thanks Degen, but I've never PGAed with anyone. Bad loser I'm afraid, but you get that in this game.
neilk on Friday September 9, 2011
pga w/ KT14, backstabber
degen on Friday September 9, 2011
Shitty player...i cut him and "ruined his game" so he follows me around now telling people i stab and turning tables against me...very nice... but a shitty player in his methods of "revenge"?? total Asshole
K-Man on Tuesday June 14, 2011
nice player
Eistee on Tuesday February 15, 2011
Too lucky 9 times to atack and dont kill. Maybe hack?
Stillas on Thursday February 10, 2011
honest and fair player!
deffer on Friday June 18, 2010
good, fair player - understands game and rules well
NO_VFS on Wednesday June 2, 2010
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