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PGA with samy deluxe... shame on you. I laugh because even with PGA you only have 1000ish points. Noob
XdarkchaotixX on Saturday June 25, 2011
pga with samy deluxe.. kill on sight
fearlessflyer on Saturday June 25, 2011
zappa on Wednesday June 22, 2011
PGA with Samy Deluxe.
Swingkid on Monday June 20, 2011
Trucer, no balls, 2vs1 cause he cant fight on his own, all in all a real bender
KAGEEE on Tuesday June 29, 2010
I flagged him, he agreed. Three rounds later when I moved my 8 stacks he killed me to the last land. What a fucker.
cobras on Friday June 25, 2010
Doesnt respect flags!!
cawero1 on Tuesday June 22, 2010
flags to first and attacks when others are gone!
abbdekk on Saturday June 19, 2010
pga with travi2k
TheTrucingOne on Friday June 18, 2010
doesn´t respect flags and invents stories about other players,
travi2k on Saturday June 5, 2010
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