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Problems with this damn game.
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claims he never saw that i flagged, just saw that everyone else at the table had flagged, and was even asking other players if they flagged, i hadn't attacked him for 4 rounds, was clearly going after someone else, then kills me and says "oh sorry i didnt see that you flagged" either a moron, or doesnt respect flags, ok, i saw him then do this to someone else that same game, and fucked up their game too, and said sorry i have problems reading, so clearly this guy is just an asshole,
zepa8 on Tuesday June 19, 2012
theNastyz on Tuesday May 29, 2012
Good guy.
Rhianon on Tuesday May 29, 2012
nice, fair and honourable player
SGT CHERRY on Friday April 6, 2012
pga with smokei -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
KDICtEd on Wednesday August 24, 2011
Does not know how to read a board. When someone does not hit you, you do not hit them. It's called common respect or a silent truce. I did not hit you one time that game and keep that in mind for the future.
pooch723 on Monday August 8, 2011
Takes land and vflags in the same round. I do not agree with your tactics sir, but I guess its just an agree to disagree situation.
smokei on Tuesday August 2, 2011
Flags then attacks then attacks again after people flag themselves
LincC on Friday July 22, 2011
I would reccomend to avoid that player if possible. He is a very stubborn guy, who tends to sit in the corner with 2-3 fields after vflagging his only neighbour and ask stronger players to kill others, who deserve better position than him. Also refuses to leave after losing a roll with no chance to survive anyway, making game last forever.
Czester on Tuesday July 19, 2011
doesnt show any respect to players and doesnt accept flags do not trust wouldnt accept my flag and attacked me even though i had two lands and didnt attack green who was next to me with two lands, unfair to players for no reason
Tom Halton on Tuesday July 12, 2011
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