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This player has been modded by the community

lets do this -re-register jurgen 6:45 PM, Monday August 1, 2011 EDT
*******************************************MODS READ THIS FIRST: no mod ever unbans this account unless I give my OK first please. This is an extreme manipulator and will say anything to get his accounts unbanned. you can contact me on [email protected]. This account is permabanned -changeAvatar -chat -play jurgen 10:20 AM, Tuesday July 26, 2011 EDT
I just +posted the other account and now you go all crazy on this one? Just chill. -post Bone-Roller 12:10 AM, Tuesday July 26, 2011 EDT
Time Served +post Rowdyazell 10:53 AM, Thursday November 25, 2010 EST
Please read the Rules before posting You can take a week to figure that out. -post Rowdyazell 9:52 AM, Saturday November 6, 2010 EDT
Giving user a 2nd chance, it has been 6 months and says "his little brother" was the user drawing penis on the game board. User also stated he will stick to playing KDice. Please do not break anymore rules of the game and you are on thin ice right now. Enjoy your game play. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post These cards suck 10:37 AM, Wednesday January 6, 2010 EST
drawing dicks on table now, for no reason trouble maker -changeAvatar -play -post quickcut 1:46 AM, Wednesday June 10, 2009 EDT
BLUNTMAYNE420: SUP BITCHES just rude, no reason, have young ones here -chat quickcut 1:45 AM, Wednesday June 10, 2009 EDT

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stabs alot.. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
hallaballo on Tuesday July 26, 2011
this guy does not respect the flags at all he is a cheater....
Kobe Leung on Monday July 25, 2011
Great player who sticks to his flag. Seems brash at first, but nice guy.
ipoloroid on Sunday November 28, 2010
how can whoever is in charge not ban this guy forever and look at himself in the mirror?
dicewarsfreak on Monday November 8, 2010
PGA with other players...should be banned again
EasyMoney on Monday November 8, 2010
Read the other posts here. BLUNT will flag, stack, then come back and attack. Has a tendeancy to truce a lot too, then backstab.
GeneralZod on Sunday November 7, 2010
Do not trust this player. At all.
beardofzeus on Friday November 5, 2010
backstabber! don't trust. all the other reviews are telling the truth. pge.
chooks204 on Monday November 1, 2010
DO NOT LET LIVE...he will backstab, and just say "ban me".
adell on Monday November 1, 2010
Strong and talented opponent
olkainry38 on Saturday October 30, 2010
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