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pga with _main_
marcb on Friday May 15, 2015
thanks for that
koki1212 on Tuesday January 1, 2013
bad player, he accept flag and then, he kill me Malisimo jugador, él acepta flag y despues, él te mata
naswell on Saturday November 10, 2012
fuck you beybi retard bad player pga!!tournaments--
bivo on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Liar and a cheat. Don't trust.
Spinal on Sunday March 4, 2012
good player like him :)
nobodycanholdme on Saturday February 11, 2012
idiot player
MILFshake on Sunday October 9, 2011
idiot player... misunderstood me when I commented his play and thought I flagged him.. (he had 3 lands)... would not accept that it was a misunderstanding though the rest of the table agreed with me...followed me all over calling me a backstabber... a whining and thoroughly repulsive player
Ritoh33 on Sunday October 9, 2011
bitch who interfere in fight for 3, he instead of siting for 4 bastard interfered in fight for 3, fag help his friend and then wonder when he get killed as 5, damn noob!
ceban on Tuesday December 14, 2010
Respected his flag
Ender_wiggin on Saturday December 4, 2010
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