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correct player.
GhanBuri on Monday May 31, 2010
the best player ý have ever seen...
josephlikeshoney on Saturday May 22, 2010
doesn't respect flags, and potentially pga -- not confirmed
Citizen Cope on Saturday May 22, 2010
never seen something as bold as this. threeway pga with mazorlee and kapuczo17. he admitted to both.
Das_Pithlit on Thursday May 20, 2010
flag then attack, sucker !
pyc on Wednesday May 12, 2010
poor player,flag then attack,like a pga
Gumaar on Sunday April 25, 2010
the biggest idiot in this game, he say he flag 3rd after round 4, and then he builds up and goes for 1st because `it fun`. Ive could have killed u and secured my 1st but since u flagged me, i dindnt. IDIOT
el_n0mbre on Sunday April 25, 2010
little asshole does not respect any flags .. kill as soon as you can as he deserves it
simeun on Friday April 23, 2010
PGA with "only win"
Makolyte on Sunday May 17, 2009
Good player!
only win on Sunday May 17, 2009
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