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scubastog wrote
at 10:38 PM, Sunday October 3, 2010 EDT
We miss you!!!
dr. zoidberg 69 wrote
at 2:12 AM, Tuesday December 22, 2009 EST
Johnny boy!
Johnny Vez wrote
at 3:38 AM, Thursday October 22, 2009 EDT
just got back from fishin for tuna, check out this video from our fishing season...lol
Pepitocon wrote
at 2:54 AM, Monday October 19, 2009 EDT
:D no debes trabajar...jajaja
nada mas juego de vez en cuando, pero me gustaria mas ;)
en estos dias!
scubastog wrote
at 10:35 PM, Tuesday August 4, 2009 EDT
where you been johnny?
foe1 wrote
at 4:08 PM, Sunday July 26, 2009 EDT
honest to heart good player

Pepitocon wrote
at 11:21 AM, Monday June 8, 2009 EDT
Q'hubo parce... cuando vuelves a jugar?
Johnny Vez wrote
at 4:17 PM, Wednesday May 20, 2009 EDT
Creating games are easy, the maps are previously made but finding them will be easy, and good to know for when all the current maps are being used. I will now explain on how to create a map for everyone to play. First thing I'll explain is all the maps you find have to be from the previous months top 100 LEADERBOARD list, that is a list of the peoples names that ended up in the top 100 list in the previous month. (highest points achieved that month)
go and search for any name in the top 100 list. all the names there are a different tables (games), the 0 level tables are at the bottom and the 5000 level games are at the top. All u have to to know is easily copy the name of any player and paste it at the end of the # sign, (for example)- http://kdice.com/#shadolin < see after the # sign that is where you insert the name. (no space after the number sign)

Step - 1 - go to the LEADERBOARD section.
Step - 2 - go to the Month Archive section.
Step - 3 - go and search for any name in the top 100 list. and enter it after the # sign here >>> http://kdice.com/#
Enjoy :)
Johnny Vez wrote
at 5:22 PM, Friday March 20, 2009 EDT
You have to be able to read the dice, what I mean is after u make a turn and after your opponent makes a turn okay, you have to be able to understand how many dice you and your opponent will receive after the move is completed okay. This is important. Once you understand this important lesson you will soon be able to read the table, and understand Future moves. The rest is pure Luck. Also Strategy. Good Luck ;)
Johnny Vez wrote
at 1:10 PM, Tuesday March 17, 2009 EDT
check out my Music Page ;)

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