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doesnt respect flag,backstabber!
Golum on Thursday March 18, 2010
not an alt...
tedward on Tuesday March 16, 2010
Alt of gurgi.
TheBetterYodel on Thursday March 11, 2010
i played few games with this guy and i can say now he is playing really nice... he respect flags and play not dirty games... gl ted i hope you will play in that style...
Robertass on Thursday March 11, 2010
was flagged to and won the game , gets into other players fight even though he was flagged too,learn to play noob.
gen. sherman on Tuesday March 2, 2010
nice player, nice ass too, you'll have fun with both :-)
ZiggyStardust on Tuesday February 23, 2010
Flagged and then backstabbed. I got him in the next couple of tables though haha All he could say was "i smoke weed".. what a sorry kid..
Known2Own on Tuesday September 15, 2009
Thanks. Nice guy, fun to play with.
GorillaMan00 on Monday September 14, 2009
dont respect flag! stiupid asshole
buba_pl on Friday August 21, 2009
Yeah good player
PatrickWT on Monday August 17, 2009
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