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great player! one of the good ones!
Ampyxx on Thursday January 7, 2010
a total asshole. First he flagged to me so i didnt attacked him, next round he took his flag back. Total asshole, do NOT TRUST AT ALL.... total loser. does not respect flags at all. KILL ON SIGHT Loser_krez on Friday October 23, 2009
Loser_krez on Thursday November 5, 2009
flagged to him, then he says he needs to kill me to get to a fight.... not honorable.... funny thing is, Smitri said the same thing... I should've read his reviews
WendysRox on Wednesday October 14, 2009
PGA with tsjt.
lukkluj on Sunday October 11, 2009
Don't flag to him. He will accept it and kill you anyway.
Smitri on Saturday October 10, 2009
not trustworthy at all
Sugardaddy Dave on Friday April 17, 2009
disgusting excuse for a human being, doesn't respect flags. Hope to pee on his grave one day!!!!
imanema on Thursday April 9, 2009
Very unfair player, backstabber. Announces to flag, saves up dice then attacks and leaves :\
diceTD on Tuesday March 31, 2009
attacks flagged players and doesn't talk in chat :(
Parian on Friday March 27, 2009
PGA with Habit 1
Drucifer85 on Wednesday March 18, 2009
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