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Recognized on 12:44 PM, Saturday January 2, 2010 EST by These cards suck
For getting a gold medal in the month of December 2009 along with being one of the all-time greatest (If not the greatest) KDICE player EVER, Congratulations greekboi

This player has been modded by the community

request -avatar integral 1:19 AM, Wednesday April 6, 2016 EDT
By Request +play MadHat_Sam 5:05 PM, Wednesday November 30, 2011 EST
Player request so can get work done -play TLP 5:58 PM, Tuesday November 29, 2011 EST
JETS SUCK! jeez -avatar kellykellymoore 5:11 PM, Friday November 18, 2011 EST
requested reset -avatar Hero Of Time 1:53 PM, Sunday October 23, 2011 EDT
Released on parole - PLEASE be good. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Bone-Roller 7:05 PM, Tuesday August 9, 2011 EDT
Upon further reflection, I changed my mind - you also had no wiggle room and yet you insisted on going way over the line. -chat -play Bone-Roller 5:31 PM, Wednesday July 27, 2011 EDT
You just have to push the edge of the envelope, don't you? I posted that warning for a reason, greek. -post Bone-Roller 4:09 PM, Monday July 25, 2011 EDT
Let's try this again..... -avatar Bone-Roller 1:55 PM, Sunday July 24, 2011 EDT
Greek, the avi was banned - you do not have the right to put it back up without mod permission. So....you can go without any avi for a while. -changeAvatar Bone-Roller 1:50 PM, Sunday July 24, 2011 EDT
On closer inspection that avatar is over the line. -avatar MadHat_Sam 6:39 PM, Saturday July 23, 2011 EDT
restored +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Amber Dyer 5:03 PM, Saturday July 23, 2011 EDT
being super sexy.. test -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Amber Dyer 5:03 PM, Saturday July 23, 2011 EDT
pornographic -avatar honda tech 9:18 AM, Saturday July 23, 2011 EDT
nvm that ban, I found out someone changed the header of that petition, it was actually a petition to make me mod +play jurgen 6:19 AM, Friday December 31, 2010 EST
I received a petition signed by 1451 Kdicers requesting your banning so -play ban until further notice to protect the KDice noobs community from further harm and pwnings -play jurgen 5:12 AM, Friday December 31, 2010 EST
Reset avatar at request of player -avatar skrumgaer 5:47 PM, Friday December 17, 2010 EST
player would like avatar reset -avatar MOCOM 7:14 PM, Saturday December 4, 2010 EST
Time served. Please keep your posts/reviews/chat under control. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Bone-Roller 3:07 PM, Monday November 29, 2010 EST
You need to take a break and chill out. Go on sabbatical and look me up when you return. -changeAvatar -play Bone-Roller 3:25 PM, Tuesday November 2, 2010 EDT
greekboi: ur family is a bunch of nigger living in some hick ass place in NC greekboi: stupid nigger greekboi: ur an ugly nigger Will you never learn? -chat for the forseeable future. -chat Bone-Roller 1:12 PM, Friday October 29, 2010 EDT
See Rule #1 here: http://www.kdice.com/blog/72 30 day -post. -post Bone-Roller 2:33 PM, Thursday October 28, 2010 EDT
ok +chat +play +post Rowdyazell 12:40 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
5 min ban cause you pushed my button -chat -play -post Rowdyazell 12:30 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
test -avatar Shevar 10:08 AM, Tuesday July 6, 2010 EDT
Timeout over. +chat MadHat_Sam 1:37 PM, Thursday July 1, 2010 EDT
Time Out for bad behavior. -chat MadHat_Sam 9:27 PM, Wednesday June 30, 2010 EDT
Still a little shit but he can run his trap it's funny to listen to him blah, blah, blah +chat +post These cards suck 1:52 PM, Sunday January 31, 2010 EST
Annoying little shit -chat -post These cards suck 1:51 PM, Sunday January 31, 2010 EST
Restored. However, Vermont can take back this ability if he feels the need to do so. +chat Holly Molly 4:23 PM, Wednesday January 13, 2010 EST
Temporary ban until he cools off. -chat Vermont 2:54 PM, Wednesday January 13, 2010 EST
Time served.......don't disappoint me. +post KDICEMOD 10:16 PM, Sunday December 6, 2009 EST
no more inappropriate chat please +chat Ryan 6:20 PM, Friday November 20, 2009 EST
Unbelievably nasty chat in forums. -chat -post Vermont 2:54 PM, Wednesday November 18, 2009 EST
unbanned by request +changeAvatar +chat +play +post KDICEMOD 8:50 PM, Wednesday November 4, 2009 EST
Requested ban till further notified. -changeAvatar -play -post KDICEMOD 9:28 PM, Wednesday September 16, 2009 EDT
inappropriate racial slurs -chat KDICEMOD 9:26 PM, Wednesday September 16, 2009 EDT

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nice player
siegr on Tuesday September 19, 2023
full measure crap
kamikaze Mike on Tuesday September 7, 2021
terrible oportunistic flag play
Tiger Woods PGA on Friday February 22, 2019
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
State of Heroes on Friday November 25, 2016
Cool dude! Fun to play with.
llxll on Thursday April 21, 2016
Love him!
snow leopard on Monday April 18, 2016
MY MAN!!!!
Shane Walsh on Saturday April 16, 2016
This little little man,claiming he served with 82nd Airborne, US Army. But claiming he never jumped as he was on a motor team. Here's the chat, first few rounds all the proof you need. CLaiming this used ot be a criminal offence in the US, FYI. http://kdice.com/games/74053296
ScimitarNZ on Thursday March 31, 2016
kittah on Friday March 25, 2016
im jelly of this nigga ban history
chiefKeef on Tuesday September 10, 2013
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