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racist nazi peadophile. talked about abusing dogs and animals in the chat box and gave us his shit on racial purity. fucking racist cunt. kill him if you see him. oh yeah he's irish too LMAO
hannibal_barca on Wednesday September 22, 2010
Racsim? nice.... Don't get upset just because I owned you. Cry c-moe, you pathetic loser.
neil2304 on Friday January 8, 2010
hilarious irish goblin :-) he thinks he's cool because he caught me mistake red for orange...
c-moe on Thursday January 7, 2010
pls correct it. You wrote "sad" but its so sad and bad. I prefer bright, lovely, not so bad, almost good etc.
truj on Saturday December 5, 2009
doesnt respect flags (and I mean not vflags real flags). A real idiot.
blueowl_atl on Thursday December 3, 2009
A splendid player that kdice needs more of. At first, I thought it was a little strange to have a "open" kdice homosexual, yet soon I warmed up to the idea and he really gave some insight into the homosexual world. He answered questions openly and honestly, and really changed a lot of minds of people I feel. With more homosexuals like himself coming clean and just letting the world know what is TRUE and what is MYTH really helps grow understanding. I applaud you for your openess with us here at kdice and wish you and your fiance' Greg the best of luck in the future!
elanor on Saturday November 14, 2009
stupid idiot!
Egil83 on Tuesday October 20, 2009
great player
zonthek on Friday October 16, 2009
Alita on Tuesday October 13, 2009
He's a snot sucking mong, flid, spaz, homo and gimp. Trotskeyite, troglodite, sodomite, anti-semite, trilobite, termite and marmite. And his mum farts a lot. Total tosser, loser and probably Welsh. Did I mention that his mum farts a lot? Take him out first to hear him squeal. It's funny. Oh yes, and his mum farts a lot. And he's a fully paid up spawney-eyed wazzak and dipstick plus he's a well known bottom-tweezer.
kjhkuyg on Thursday August 20, 2009
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