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Angryhat Samuel

chase: int got ahs banned read on in the bio
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oh right, this was a shared account -changeAvatar -chat -play -re-register -avatar jurgen 4:33 AM, Thursday June 11, 2015 EDT
bumping a closed thread in forum -post jurgen 4:26 AM, Thursday June 11, 2015 EDT
Welcome Back +play +post KDICEMOD 7:53 PM, Wednesday September 4, 2013 EDT
Admitted he is a shared account. -play -post KDICEMOD 11:15 PM, Sunday July 26, 2009 EDT

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B+. The massage was killer. Bit bloody at the end, but fuckin-a, who am I to judge the Swedes?
jungturk on Friday August 7, 2009
dont trust this guy
fgfx on Sunday July 26, 2009
jilm2 on Sunday July 26, 2009
this guy is a shit, doesnt respect flags, but begs like a baby if he is losing/ dont trust him.
TooMuchCoffeeGuy on Saturday July 25, 2009
i wouldn't trust this guy
..::FdS::.. on Saturday July 25, 2009
Doesn't respect flags. Won't let others fight for places when he's in first. Please kill at your first opportunity.
love2eattacos on Monday April 27, 2009
fuck off you little bitch, i let you live and you kill me what bull shit
dr. zoidberg 69 on Thursday April 23, 2009
doesnt respect flags
Dispayter on Saturday March 21, 2009
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