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do you ever feel like the world is destroying itself on purpose?
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freed +post These cards suck 10:23 PM, Monday May 3, 2010 EDT
Spamming reviews -post KDICEMOD 1:48 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT

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just lost to me ;)
running turtle on Friday May 28, 2010
get a life
Sensei_Mata on Saturday May 8, 2010
even if i had enough time, i wouldn't waste it making an alt. get a life. and no, i don't feel the world is DESTRYOING itself on purpose... i can feel you don't type correctly
bortx on Saturday May 8, 2010
stand up player. need more like this one
Wayne_Kerr on Friday May 7, 2010
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 30+ reviews in 30 days (Feb 2009 - March 2009). May was just a cherry on top.
iwillscrewyou on Wednesday May 5, 2010
stop masturbation in front of kdice, it is disgusting and it don't help to play well.
stakaboo on Thursday May 7, 2009
Wonderful player. Very eloquent, thoughtful and patient. Good luck to you, my friend.
Bobuck12.34 on Wednesday May 6, 2009
Horrible manners and poor loser. Gets mad when you attack him once he doesn't post a promised flag.
PayItForward on Tuesday May 5, 2009
He is a scared little wimp of a player. Has no self respect and will kiss the leading players arse so to make a truce and to get a better position. Is clueless about the game, has a bad attitude, and is someone you really don't want to play against as he will put you in a bad mood and suck all the fun out of the game.
Sabre13 on Tuesday May 5, 2009
Foul mouthed idiot
Gleekin on Tuesday March 17, 2009
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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