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doesn't respect flags...
obscurehero on Thursday April 14, 2011
does not respect flags and backstaber
Lukas Ragelis on Wednesday April 13, 2011
PGA with Gelmer Bouwman
sergio2 on Tuesday April 12, 2011
Doesnt respect flags
potato27 on Monday April 11, 2011
a farming asshole, who accept flag, than attack to farm
thekilerone on Sunday April 10, 2011
pga huso pge him when you see
Trobby on Thursday April 7, 2011
i flagged him, it did not cripple him in the least, he had a solid 2nd, i am busy fighting for 5th, and then he kills me. a real piece of shit.
Samurai Langrock on Sunday April 3, 2011
This guy doesnt know how to play, so if you see him kill him on the dot
Jerry165 on Wednesday March 30, 2011
call him sleeper, he even fails at dreaming :D want a laugh? go read his review on my page ^^
Ben Sykes on Tuesday March 29, 2011
What a bitch.
SanMarco on Monday March 28, 2011
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