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It isn't what they say it is.
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if anyone wants to leave a review that's fine... i've decided today never to play kdice again... after seeing how it's impossible to get a trophy unless you're a backstabber, pga, proxy cheater, or have all the time in the world to compete against the backstabbers, pga, and proxy cheaters... if that's what a trophy is worth, i'm glad i never got one.
Samurai Langrock on Monday May 2, 2011
2011-04-30 Samurai Langrock wrote: "take a listen from a brilliant man................watch the entire thing................. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnkFYTSeT_U." Yes, Kevin Smith is okay. Yes, thank you for trying to save me from the Internet, to remind me to have perspective, to be productive and not waste time posting on Kdice, etc. The web boys and chat jerks agree with that sentiment, by the way. You don't quite understand what is going on, though. I am never the issue, the web boys don't know me, I don't care what they say, so I never suffered from Kevin Smith's problem, the web boys just need to get their comeuppance in order to keep the streets of Kdice as clean as possible. YOU watch the entire thing again. At the end (9:42), Smith says, "You wouldn't let someone come in your house and continuously sh*t on your rug." THAT IS THE POINT. I am not a moderator so I do the best with what I have--public scorn--in an attempt to do exactly what Kevin Smith has figured out to tell those guys, "Eventually you would be like 'get the f*ck out of here!' and you wouldn't let them in your house." I can't keep the sh*tters out of Kdice, but I can hope to influence a few of them to stop sh*tting on the Kdice rug. ++++++++++ 2011-04-29 Samurai Langrock wrote: "i read one of your very long reviews....................... people may be dog shit on the inside, and plague the internet with their foul minds and cruel words, but don't you think there are more constructive things to do?......................... i am a tad bit self-righteous myself, but writing a review using chat text for reference is a little much, it's best to avoid dealing with these types of people, even if your are for more adept in English and have a knack for calling shit out where is stinks............. just a friendly word of advice" Pardon me if I disagree with the self-righteous part. Is the policeman self-righteous for arresting the criminal? Is the garbage man self-righteous for cleaning up the garbage? No, they are doing their jobs. I am not very smart and have low self-esteem, so if my responses to Kdice miscreants appears heavy-handed and therefore self-righteous I will attribute it to the desire for public scorn to play its part. Web boys, chat jerks, and bullies always have it their own way--no one ever takes them on. To me this cries out for them to receive back a bit of the dross they pour over the rest of us. That is, they need to FEEL it. Just saying "stop it bad boy" is not enough for them nor for us. .......... This brings up the well-known example that I believe is instructive in answering your statement "it's best to avoid dealing with these types of people." I am no great fan of his, but when Rudy Guiliani was mayor of New York he made a concerted effort to stop the squeegee men (the guys who provided the "service" of washing windshields at stop lights). People said, "Don't we have better things to do with our city regulations and our policemen than go after the squeegee men?" Those critics were completely misguided. Pasting from Wikipedia: "Although some were merely providing a service, in other cases the windshield-washing would be carried out without asking, often perfunctory in nature, and followed by demands for payment. Upon his election, mayor Rudy Giuliani famously embarked on a crusade against squeegee men as part of his quality-of-life campaign, claiming that their near-ubiquitous presence created an environment of disorder that encouraged more serious crime to flourish. Squeegee men disappeared from city streets during Giuliani's mayoralty and have yet to reappear in significant numbers." CREATED AN ENVIRONMENT OF DISORDER THAT ENCOURAGED MORE SERIOUS CRIME TO FLOURISH is right. Web boys, chat jerks, and bullies are Kdice's equivalent of squeegee men. With no pushback, they get worse and worse and Kdice becomes less and less fun. So if you like Kdice and Gpokr and enjoy a more pleasant environment for it rather than a less pleasant environment, join me in my garbage cleanup. .......... Besides, it doesn't take long to copy-and-paste their chat, it is MUCH more credible than saying "Mr X is a bad boy," they HATE to have their words follow them, it is poetic justice, etc. Join the Kdice Neighborhood Association and help keep Kdice a place to relax and have fun. (Surely if the site itself would stop these guys you would be for it, right? You don't WANT their stuff do you? Perhaps you find it colorful and exciting? If you do, find that elsewhere; we prefer our neighborhood safe and clean, thank you.)..........Almost forgot to mention: most of the web boys, chat jerks, and bullies are not "dog sh*t on the inside." They are regular guys who are intoxicated by the anonymity of the Internet and want to act out their fantasies a little bit. When reminded that their words can follow them, when there is a penalty of SOME kind for acting like jerks, many of them act much better. I would be surprised if many truly evil men waste time playing Kdice or Gpokr or ANY Internet or video game. Bottom-line: things can be better if we put a little work into it or they can be worse if we don't--then we have to decide when and where to work. For the little effort that it takes I am happy to do my part to make Kdice and Gpokr more fun for the 97% of us who are NOT web boys, chat jerks, and bullies. Yours Sincerely, etc.
oakcliff on Saturday April 30, 2011
backstabber, a faggot, and a moron. the worst person to receive a flag from.
Peter Griffin on Saturday April 16, 2011
suck my cock noob
XdreamerX on Thursday April 7, 2011
great player, super fair. Kicked ass during the game but kept cool and right, thanks!
CylonLvr on Monday April 4, 2011
I think ill have the apple juice, it contains less pieces of faggot.
AlphaKnight on Sunday April 3, 2011
why did you give me that review samuri??' "a moronic poop eating vagina face."
K-Man on Thursday December 31, 2009
Backstabber, will not respect flags and will whine to get positions they cant earn on his own
axis55 on Wednesday December 30, 2009
a very fair player. does what he tells!!! thanks for helping me :)
peddy on Tuesday February 24, 2009
You should feel much shame. Posting reviews when you lose, after playing so badly. Slamming everyone on the board, and getting your feelings hurt when the same is done to you. You are a louse.
Aidacra on Wednesday February 18, 2009
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