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idiot pga player!!
sarajlija37 on Tuesday February 22, 2011
Yes I said I flag and I asked for confirmation when I clicked turn done. 0zk never replied, I asked couple of times. Then I wrote on the chat that I flag the other strong player, told 0zk "ok then", and consequently fought him the next round. That's what he calls backstab... lol
durotr on Monday February 14, 2011
Flags and then backstab
0zk on Saturday February 12, 2011
Very fair and awesome player!
ChickenBubbles on Monday January 31, 2011
nice player
g0ttvic on Sunday January 30, 2011
You're right durotr...I let my bad day make me too angry at what happened. Nasty review deleted and retracted... with apologies.
Bozy on Sunday February 14, 2010
Does not respect flags in tournaments.
crossworder187 on Friday February 12, 2010
Nice Player, good to play with. Very Fair... "Congratulations on getting 2nd place in the Tournament!" also earning you an extra +2,507 for points :) Pleasure gaming with you...
SwisherSweet on Monday January 25, 2010
Cool guy, great to play with
Dante_ on Tuesday January 19, 2010
We have differing theories of what a vflag means, but this guy is a fountain of knowledge and a tough cookie to beat! Gd luck to you :D
Brewer480 on Wednesday December 23, 2009
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