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Very good and fair player!
GiustinianoIII on Saturday February 23, 2013
PGA WITH WARPIG11 AND Sundabeeeeam
koki1212 on Saturday October 20, 2012
very nice player! good and fair game :)
voodooer on Saturday September 8, 2012
good chap fair
jbt1 on Tuesday December 6, 2011
Zetterberg, a swedish king of an american city. Seriously, with a review like that, i will stop my PGE against you!
Alphax on Sunday February 14, 2010
won't stop talking about henrik zetterberg
ltsply2 on Sunday February 14, 2010
had fun playing with you! nice and fair game :)
kungfuanda on Tuesday February 9, 2010
awesome player, great game very cool dude
TheJackalOfDoom on Friday January 1, 2010
ahem, i like young Japanese girls! get it right, bud! Also, he's an awesome player.
Ampyxx on Sunday December 6, 2009
EXCELLENT MOTHERFUCKER! The king of fuckers and the secret ruler of the KKK (KICKKASS KNULLERA) He may play like shit, but he is still the top of awesome.
Evil_Incarnate on Wednesday December 2, 2009
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