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Vertiglug wrote
at 7:05 AM, Saturday August 1, 2020 EDT
Yearly update!

There is a global pandemic going on that is affecting millions of people. Including myself. Iâ??ve gained lots of weight and have been struggling with my inner happiness. Iâ??ve been out of work since early March. No traveling, although I did watch the last NHL game of the year. Brady signed with the bucs! Big hopes there. My dad has been sick and Iâ??m hoping nothing happens to him. I got a new roommate. I still have gambled some. My problem persists but with being on unemployment I havenâ??t gambled much at all. Been the most broke Iâ??ve ever been. Debt is currently at nearly 25k. My big goal is to make sure I get rid of this! I hope this game continues, itâ??s been a great journal for me! Iâ??m 31, been playing for about 10 years I think. I would miss it if it was gone. I hope by my heat entry, Iâ??m in a better place. Maybe a gf, debt free, happier! Lots of self improvement needed. I love you future rocky!
Vertiglug wrote
at 6:41 PM, Thursday January 24, 2019 EST
Yearly Update :)

Im 30 years old, Im actually doing well for the first time in a long time. I havent been gambling. Saving up money, Been paying off my debt. Still no lucky lady in my life, Planned a roadtrip across america this year. Also watched some Elton John and gonna watch some paul mccartney this year! I really cant complain about anything. I have to get my hips readjusted soon though
Vertiglug wrote
at 4:10 PM, Saturday May 12, 2018 EDT
Yearly Update... Since Ive been doing them for over 7 Years now I think why not continue

Im almost 30 now, big year, i have a fun Europe trip planned to celebrate. Just got back from asia recently and went to ireland last year. What a huge life goal accomplished there. Currently still trying to lose weight, been doing good with my gambling. Actually doing pretty well right now overall. I have many life goals at the moment, Debt free, save money, travel. I have played some poker this year, but i want to play more. Once I trust myself more. As of right now, i do have this slight kidney or liver pain going on. I hope its nothing, im doing a clense as i type this. So future self i hope i made you proud. I believe this is the first positive happy one ive written in awhile. Just remember i love you no matter who you turn into, make us proud and find us a nice lady :)
Vertiglug wrote
at 4:53 AM, Wednesday March 22, 2017 EDT
1st in a 500 tourney
Vertiglug wrote
at 8:01 AM, Friday September 9, 2016 EDT
Actually was.. 2,3,3,4,2, then 1st.. wow.. thats even more solid
Vertiglug wrote
at 8:00 AM, Friday September 9, 2016 EDT
FINALLY a 1st!!! Took 2,3,3,9,2,then 1st... nice stretch
Vertiglug wrote
at 8:52 AM, Tuesday September 6, 2016 EDT
Had 2,3,3 Back to back tourneys... that is a first for me!!
Vertiglug wrote
at 8:51 AM, Tuesday September 6, 2016 EDT

I love giving these updates.. let see. Ive now traveled all of europe.. one of the best experiences of my life.. I then went to vegas.. bad choice.. lost the most amount at one time i ever have.. 30k and im in some bad debt. I had a gf for a little bit but it didnt work out.. due to gambling. Right now, im losing weight, as i always say i am. I hope i can stick to it. the last few months have been very bad, but im gonna bounce back. I hate leaving this negative remarks about myself. Life isnt all that bad, my lincoln works and im still making good money. I really hope i can look back at these and know over the years.. i made the right choice (September 9th, 2016)
Vertiglug wrote
at 6:13 PM, Thursday February 25, 2016 EST
Well since i cant do it in the about me section anymore, for whatever reason! Lame I know :( I decided to do it here. Im living in Midtown right now, working at the casino again. My MTV show aired less than a week ago and my pilot i did for banishd is coming this next month. Ive been working out, losing weight and gambling much less. Right now im trying to plan the best possible year i can! So far it sounds amazing, im in a real great place in my life right now and look forward to the future. Its nice to finally be feeling happier. I hope by next entry its even better, maybe ill have a lovely gf and be in love. The life goal am i right???
Vertiglug wrote
at 10:51 PM, Tuesday February 16, 2016 EST
WOO 1st.. been awhile :).. guess ill go out on the town now
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