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nice guy
Fedya on Saturday January 2, 2010
I can verify that SweetJess, Jesca and nonzdanonz are either the same person or a very close knit PGA team on the higher maps. Shame on you!!! I can also add sabr5. Jesca/SweetJess is an angry and mean drunk who follow people around abusing them. Try Alc Anon. I feel sorry for your family, Jesca/SweetJess. BTW, is racism allowed here? nonzdanonz/sweetjess/jesca/sabr5/marsyas/kokobongo have been following me around all day with vicous racism. Why do you hate black women?
AnnaMaria on Sunday November 22, 2009
Confirmed Alt: Jesca + SweetJess. PGA/Alt on 2k Maps: Jesca + SweetJess + nonzdanonz. Confirmed. Should be banned for cheating and extremely vulgar and rude abuse in the chat window. Jess is probably a dude from the language and the attitude. Rotten to the core.
PraiseSatan on Sunday November 22, 2009
As others have said. PGA. No Honor.
Way on Tuesday November 17, 2009
fun guy. good to have at the table. doesn't take things too seriously.
happytoscrap on Friday November 13, 2009
pga unfair player,
pprrzemek on Thursday November 12, 2009
good player
HUNDESCHEISSE on Thursday November 12, 2009
does not respect flags
ghost5500 on Sunday November 8, 2009
does not respect flags
Moe_Atze on Sunday November 8, 2009
attacks after you flag to him. Dishonorable to say the least
bobbidothechef on Friday November 6, 2009
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