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Fucking son of a bitch flag me and kill me the round after by cuting me
UeshibaSan on Friday July 12, 2013
Nice player
Holzgranate on Thursday June 20, 2013
@Moebius01, you backstabed me, asshole
Maser on Saturday May 11, 2013
Stood to his flag and helped me. Was killed and i did just let him fight -> sry ;\
Grux on Wednesday February 27, 2013
Helped me out when I was getting backstabbed even though he didn't have to. Great player
ibar on Tuesday February 19, 2013
nice player
greekboi on Monday December 17, 2012
PGA or Multiple accounts (Claymore1965 is one of those)
Mkfrant on Wednesday October 10, 2012
2012-09-18 Moebius01 is a backstabbing, dishonorable Kdice jerk, but at least he isn't a chat jerk. All chat below is verbatim as it always is. Moebius01 is blue, TheBorg is brown, I am green. ++++++++++ [Note: We were down to three players. Moebius01 was in the lead and had taken quite a bit of my land so I flagged to brown. Moebius01 tries to fight for a while, but soon flagged to brown. Since he had a big lead on me, I quit immediately because I suspected that Moebius01 was a backstabber and I didn't want him to build up strength while brown sat there. Sure enough, Moebius01 backstabbed brown, but even though Moebius01 had more lands he lost. Justice, truth, and beauty won; Moebius01, backstabbers, and Kdice jerks lost.] ---------- 3.14159: flag brown ---------- TheBorg: accepted ---------- Moebius01: flag brown ########## ---------- TheBorg: ty blue ---------- TheBorg: sit out plz [Note: Brown asks Moebius01 to sit out after I quit, but I knew he would not. I knew that Moebius01 was a backstabbing, dishonorable jerk.] ---------- 3.14159: he will ---------- 3.14159: undoubtedly ---------- TheBorg: blue what are you doing? ########## [Note: Moebius01 attacks brown multiple times.] ---------- 3.14159: another Level 50 jerk? ---------- 3.14159: YES! ---------- Moebius01: green fucked me ########## [Note: This is Moebius01's excuse for being a dishonorable backstabber--green f*cked me!] ---------- TheBorg: so your gonna go back on your word? ---------- 3.14159: oh, you weren't attacking me, blue? ---------- TheBorg: have you no honor ---------- 3.14159: we don't know we were supposed to let YOU win, blue ---------- 3.14159: let us know next time ---------- Moebius01: fight ! ---------- 3.14159: oh, wait... ---------- TheBorg: blue you are a small person ---------- 3.14159: LEVEL 50 automatically gets to win! ---------- TheBorg: i hope you don't do this in your really life ---------- 3.14159: i LOVE this ---------- Moebius01: :) ---------- 3.14159: i knew Moebius01 was a kdice jerk ---------- 3.14159: i KNEW it ---------- 3.14159: i just wanted to prove it ---------- 3.14159: with his help, of course ---------- 3.14159: he actually proved it ---------- 3.14159: he flags and then attacks ---------- Moebius01: :) ---------- 3.14159: what a backstabbing, dishonorable jerk ---------- 3.14159: as my review of him will show, Dear Readers ---------- TheBorg: well it's okay. people like this don't go far in life ---------- Moebius01: no p ---------- 3.14159: "no p"? ---------- 3.14159: what does that mean? ---------- Moebius01: no problem ---------- 3.14159: what is no problem? ---------- Moebius01: just play ---------- TheBorg: i'm not playing ---------- TheBorg: i'm destroying you ---------- 3.14159: Moebius01 is just another kdice jerk--one of the 3% ---------- Moebius01: gg man ########## [Note: Moebius01 steals your money and then says 'thank you very much.'] ---------- TheBorg: because your not a very good player ---------- TheBorg: your kind of a loswer ---------- 3.14159: "gg man" from the jerk ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: THAT was funny ---------- 3.14159: gg all but blue ---------- Moebius01: :) ---------- 3.14159: :) ---------- 3.14159: read your review later, Moe ---------- Moebius01: no p ---------- 3.14159: :)
3.14159 on Tuesday September 18, 2012
PGA. not honorable.
AmMe on Friday July 6, 2012
This guy uses multiple acc's in game.
TheBetterYodel on Friday May 13, 2011
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