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Recognized on 2:27 AM, Friday August 21, 2015 EDT by integral
Awesome player to play with
Recognized on 1:20 AM, Tuesday September 22, 2009 EDT by MOCOM
Good player
Recognized on 9:48 PM, Friday July 10, 2009 EDT by These cards suck
Player was very helpful in teaching a few new players how to play and the understanding of that the point and use of the flags are for.

This player has been modded by the community

I'm satisfied with PureOdyssey's explanation of what happened and I will remove the bans. For safety reasons I would suggest not playing the same game or tournament. But if both of you are confident that you will just treat each other as normal "competitors in the game" I will allow you both to play together. A couple enjoying KDice together and without cheating together is a rare thing and I would like to encourage that to set a good example for other couples :). In order not to confuse people, I would like to ask not to play PO and @PO in the same game or tournament. I'm still not sure to who that account belongs but let's say I'll ignore that. If something isn't clear, feel free to ask. +play jurgen 7:00 PM, Saturday February 13, 2016 EST
banned for playing multiple tournaments with more than one account at a time -play jurgen 4:17 AM, Tuesday February 9, 2016 EST
well, boobs which are nice btw, caused players to leave table as they became uncomfortable,i explained the site was g rated, player was not responsive -avatar quickcut 1:29 AM, Friday June 12, 2009 EDT
Week of ban over +play MOCOM 12:55 AM, Tuesday May 5, 2009 EDT
I was e-mailed 15 screenshots of a game played on the Orlafede table with DLK and Pure Odyssey. There are enough screen shots to determine the chat for the majority of the game as well as the in-game attack moves. Two players flagged ahead of Pure Odyssey to DLK when no truce had been struck by any players. Pure Odyssey was allowed to build and DLK took out the 2nd place flag. Pure Odyssey eventually grew strong enough to take out the player flagged 3rd and Pure Odyssey took 2nd place. DLK said: Dark_Lunatic_K: don't worry yellow, ur 3rd Yellow was the player flagged for 2nd 12 rounds prior. The play privileges will be revoked for 1 week. To be restored on Tuesday, May 5th at my convenience. -play KDICEMOD 11:55 PM, Monday April 27, 2009 EDT

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I'm tired of seeing his image. look at all the porn you want on your own. I don't need to see it.
Kevbot248 on Wednesday November 16, 2016
lol^^^^ on Friday September 16, 2016
whiny little girl. tries to stab and then resorts to namecalling when it doesn't work. i feel sorry for you.
Virlomi on Wednesday September 14, 2016
Bad Tournament Play. Uses flagging as a shield. Childishly posts negative review. Avoid sharing a table with him. Game Proof: http://kdice.com/games/75132980
iostiogic on Monday July 4, 2016
just there to ruin games every time!!!
Grux on Sunday April 17, 2016
Same. Stabbed me in tourney and I was a player and friend who previous to now respected this persons play - no longer. Joins the ever growing list of higher level noobs who require termination on sight. PermaPGE now on.
DieNoobs on Thursday April 14, 2016
stabber. perma pge
k diva on Saturday March 19, 2016
PO, I'm sorry but I do not believe your entire story. And yes leben also got banned because I found several other tournaments (not just the last one with PO and @PO) where 2 accounts were played together. I do not want to ban you forever but I do want to know what's going on and I want certain rules respected.
jurgen on Wednesday February 10, 2016
Of subhuman intelligence.
Fingerbib on Wednesday February 3, 2016
always remember. when he ask for 1/2 truce he will make definitions up for his own good. for ex. in tourney he ask for 1/2 truce and i fight with him and we win. he then rolls for it and loose 27 to 30 and say 1/2 means we fight at the end and kills you. be aware of stab. 1/19 members evening record is the proof
sung2323 on Tuesday January 19, 2016
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