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played a solid game. Flagged me. Then suicided on my before leaving. I dunno. Has good reviews but was a jerk move in this game.
noddin0ff on Saturday October 22, 2011
Good Player
xcv04 on Wednesday October 5, 2011
good/fair player
BillBlaster II on Friday February 18, 2011
Honored his flag even if he could easily crushed me
roque ja on Friday February 18, 2011
fair guy
Pacu? on Tuesday January 25, 2011
One of those players who has no balls.
TheBetterYodel on Sunday November 21, 2010
Offered me a connection when he didn't need to and that really helped me get 2nd. I'm very appreciative :)
Diado on Friday September 24, 2010
djenad: more then ever djenad: 7 more needed djenad: 2 minutes juckster: you know i could easliy get 7 if i played fast enough - but how can i trust you ? juckster: i can't djenad: u have less then 2 minutes djenad: 16-09 djenad: 9 djenad: 10 djenad: 11 djenad: 30 seconds left djenad: i gave it extra time djenad: 20 djenad: 19 djenad: 18 djenad: 17 djenad: 16 djenad: 15 djenad: 14 djenad: 13 djenad: 12 djenad: 11 djenad: 10 djenad: 9 djenad: 8 djenad: 7 djenad: 6 djenad: 5 djenad: 4 djenad: 3 djenad: 2 djenad: 1 djenad: 0 ! djenad: ur done ! juckster: i have been done - correct there djenad: i dnt know djenad: why u didnt tke 15 lands djenad: u had 10 minutes djenad: that is easy juckster: shouldn't need to play your games djenad: but i did djenad: :) juckster: and can't trust your word djenad: u did djenad: why u think i would let u a chance at all juckster: you shopuldn't have first djenad: but looks like i have it juckster: you do, dishonestly djenad: well im not a honest person juckster: i know now THIS IS PART...WHAT A IDIOT...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
djenad on Friday September 3, 2010
really fair and polite player. nice to play with him.
Facel1fter on Monday June 7, 2010
femser on Wednesday February 24, 2010
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