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his picture sums him up
BigMike147 on Sunday July 8, 2012
whines a lot.
slowdive on Saturday January 22, 2011
after having his ass kicked, this piece of shit wrote me a review that i'd PGA. damn, what a pathetic kid :o]
OviloN on Wednesday September 1, 2010
PGA with woka
bluff or not? on Wednesday September 1, 2010
Pretty cool dude.
EddyB on Wednesday March 31, 2010
this guy is a battler
kcherezov on Tuesday March 30, 2010
speak on english you retard, you are just sick moron !!!
Moki killer on Thursday March 18, 2010
anda puto culo roto, que la venis a bardear la concha de tu madre...mira todo lo que te pusieron PELOTUDO!!!!
_JuAnChO_ on Wednesday March 17, 2010
Asshole, does not respect flags!
ZygFryD on Friday September 11, 2009
Piece of shit player whose word can't be trusted. If he says he will flag to you he really means i'm going to take the opportunity to grow and kill you when you are weak.
Myriad on Saturday July 4, 2009
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