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Never cry when I beat you
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stupid fucking lying cheating nonce that cries because you took a kill which you earned, stop crying man up and learn to play properly you little freak.... Also for fellow users reading never trust his flag either
Riles P on Friday October 10, 2014
very poor player, a noob like a lot of others on this game, simply funny to see some biter guys like that. I think it's an earlier problem with his mum, she's probably stop feeding him with her tits. It makes him really angry for his entire life and has to counterbalance it by being a jerk. Classic psychologic desorder. Tits blessed you bro. Peace. I'm gonna pray for you now.
Redge100 on Thursday August 28, 2014
One of the worst
Smoke Two Joints on Sunday July 27, 2014
nice golden and gravi just copy and paste what i said about you
clarky_201990 on Thursday July 17, 2014
chose not to kill him and he instantly stabs me
justgolden on Wednesday June 25, 2014
Very nice. Patiently let me have his kill.
tghGaz on Tuesday May 6, 2014
tbh i dont know where you've been a good player in that game we had..i respect barry gateaux a lot (who wrote the review below) - but i really dont know who he is talking about. in that game we had you haven't been a cool guy, neither a good player nor a gent....all you did was disrespecting my moves away from you - and even you kinda had 1st anyway you went for me to kill me ...i won't forget that esp since i agree with Zuma and the fact you are an alt..and i don't like higher-lvl-players playing 0 tables with their alts just to mess and fuck up lower tables
Mrs. M on Wednesday April 16, 2014
cool guy, good player, and a gent - good luck to you!
barry gateaux on Wednesday April 2, 2014
plays 3vs in tourney
SHO-GUN on Thursday March 20, 2014
didnt stab when he could have, gg!
luvmybabymama on Wednesday February 12, 2014
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