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ubbentail on Monday November 29, 2010
flag ignoring twit who doesnt understand that when he is first clearly and others flag to him...that he doesnt have to fight
irishrugby on Saturday May 15, 2010
Bozy is gentleman an scholar. He keep word in game. He not douche. Make very good friend.
Jyokker on Tuesday March 9, 2010
sometimes gets too angry and does not know how to blame people, for example he thinks that I am pga with some people I do not know at all (go check my reviews)
durotr on Thursday February 11, 2010
I enjoyed playing with you also bozy and no you haven't 'been had'. I play the same all the time. P.S. i'm a girl XD
Loobee on Thursday January 28, 2010
must have a serious problem with his life. hey gay: its just a game and if you cant play without whining, stop it. and for one of the next games: try to fight like a man, not like a pussy. player like you are disgusting. noob (and with age 45 i would kill myself. its over, grandpa)
Rasenheizung on Wednesday January 27, 2010
I'm glad we understood each other. Good luck and have fun!
eeugene on Wednesday January 20, 2010
good guy, fun to play with.
Zhuangzi on Wednesday January 20, 2010
Bozy on Tuesday January 19, 2010
the most ridiculous player in this game.. thinks that he's intelligent but hes just a fucking asshole. Truces with ya, flags ya, and then kill ya. DONT EVER TRUST HIM HE'S A FUCKING BASTARD!
PODER on Tuesday December 22, 2009
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