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backstabber, saw him do it to @fanekinha
Cory Stout on Monday June 18, 2012
pga's with his friends FYI....dont trust him
Avery579 on Sunday May 29, 2011
backstabber... do not trust his flag
waveM on Wednesday August 4, 2010
Does not exist
NinjaPirate on Monday July 13, 2009
hes friends with dark lunatic , that explains all of it, do not trust this guy
Johnny Vez on Sunday June 28, 2009
Fucking filthy fag, he make threats and when he need to sit on table he is to afraid, he sit only when he have at least one PGa and he prefer two most of the time, fucking cunt. Just another noob for avoid or hunt down and put him in 6 or 7
cebalo on Sunday June 28, 2009
most stupid player ive ever played with
mrspeed on Saturday June 27, 2009
creative guy, has invented a whole now strategy. he says: "i'll probably flag for #th" and claims later he only said *probably* and he didn't say it to the people ranked higher. and then has fun of attacking them.
michl on Thursday June 25, 2009
major dickhead...flags and then attacks u total jerk
lokomotive on Thursday June 25, 2009
PGA with Sparta and Dark_lunatik_k
gamblah on Monday June 22, 2009
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